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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
I Buy My Superhero Comics By The 100s

It all started with Wednesday Comics. Last week I was intrigued enough by the creative format and formidable creative line-up for DC's upcoming Wednesday Comics weekly to consider making actual pilgrimages to a local comic shop to pick up the oversized fold-out comics. But then my cheap bargain-hunting side kicked in and I realized I could probably score these comics cheaper online. So I searched around and found that my old online shop DCBS had the first issue of Wednesday Comics for 75% off and the second for 50% off. The third and the fourth issues were each discounted a respectable 40% off.

Of course, I could have simply ordered those four comics and left it at that, but, no, I had to go poking around the monthly specials section, so now this is what I ended up ordering:
  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #600 - $2.49
  • CITIZEN REX #1 - $1.75
  • CREEPY COMICS #1 - $2.49
  • GREEK STREET #1 - $0.25
  • INCREDIBLE HULK #600 - $2.49
  • INCREDIBLES #0 - $1.64
  • WEDNESDAY COMICS #1 - $0.99
  • WEDNESDAY COMICS #2 - $1.99
  • WEDNESDAY COMICS #3 - $2.39
  • WEDNESDAY COMICS #4 - $2.39
Yes, in addition to DC's Wednesday Comics I broke down and ordered two Marvel comics. What can I say? I'm a sucker for divisible-by-100 anniversary issues. (In fact, I think ASM #500 was the last issue of ASM I bought.) I almost passed on Hulk #600 since it's written by Jeph Loeb and I can't recall reading too many positive reviews of his work (both in general and on Hulk specifically). But what the heck? For $2.49 I can ignore the dumb story and just focus on the pretty art by Ed McGuiness.

I'm also trying out a couple other books that sound interesting, like Dark Horse's Citizen Rex by Mario and Gilbert Hernandez and their new Creepy anthology. (I was also thinking of checking out DH's Noir anthology GN but it doesn't actually ship until the end of September so I'll wait and see if I'm still interested by then.) I'm also getting the first issue of Greek Street, a new Vertigo ongoing, partially because I've always been fond of Greek drama but mainly because it was only a quarter after the discount.

The Incredibles comics are for my daughter, who loves that movie. (She now wants us to have another kid so we can have someone to be Jack-Jack when she plays "Incredibles.") And depending on how bleak or decadent ASM #600 is, I may give that to my daughter after I'm done reading it. She's really into cutting things up with scissors lately, so I figure she can have fun with the floppy rather than me having to worry about storing it. (Plus, I like the idea of her using her scissors to rearrange the comic randomly, perhaps creating a more satisfying continuity than the one Marvel came up with in OMD/BND.)

Finally, there's the real steal of the whole deal, the hardcover collection of Tales Designed to Thrizzle for half-off! Woot! (Check out the Flickr set for the book here.)

Also, the folks at DCBS were kind enough to let me append a couple items from the April 2009 Previews to this order, which was great because I don't know where else I would have been able to get the new black-and-white Nexus collection for such a great price (45% off). It doesn't look like the major book sites (like Amazon or BN.com) are carrying this yet.

Oh, and one final tip: If you're new to DCBS or haven't ordered from them for at least a year, use coupon code disc8 when you place your order for an additional 8% off. That might not sound like much but for me it was almost enough to cover the flat-rate shipping charge of $5.95. (The fact that I can edit my order until June 1st is dangerous. Since it's flat-rate shipping no matter how many items are in my order, I may be tempted to add more comics as I hear about them. Hey, this whole Marvel Divas thing sounds interesting, and DCBS has it for only $1.99...)

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