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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
RIN-NE On Hiatus Holiday

If, like me, you were eagerly waiting for today's installment of RIN-NE, you'll have to wait a little longer. According to editor Mike Montesa:
[D]ue to some holidays in Japan (Golden Week for those in the know), this week’s chapter will be live on Saturday, May 2, when the next issue of Shonen Sunday is released in Japan. Normally, each chapter will come out every Wednesday, but Chapter 3 will be released Wednesday, May 13. To help you keep track of the publication dates and Rumiko Takahashi news, sign up for TheRumicWorld.com newsletter.
So a late chapter this week and no chapter next week. Got that? (Seems like maybe it would have been better to postpone the launch until they could have lined up a couple consecutive weeks of material to build momentum, but I'm probably just being a second-guessing, snarky blogger. What, is Viz taking its scheduling cues from Marvel and DC now?) I'd like to sign up for the Rumic World newsletter, but I've found that Viz newsletters are impossible to unsubscribe from. Has anyone else signed up for the Rumic World newsletter and found it useful? Has anyone else had any luck unsubscribing from other Viz newsletters?

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