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Sunday, April 26, 2009
The New Yorker: Hipster or Not Hipster?

Is The New Yorker losing its hip, youthful cred? In the most recent issue (April 27, 2009), they had this photo and blurb in the "Goings On About Town" section:

Click the image to make it large enough for the caption to be legible. If you still can't make it out, the photo's caption reads:
"KRAZY!," an exhibit about anima, manga, and video games, at Japan Society. [Emphasis added]
Oops! I'm surprised that something as ubiquitous as anime tripped up The New Yorker's legendary fact-checking squad. If only they had consulted Wikipedia, whose page for "anima" specifically warns "Not to be confused with anime." (To their credit, The New Yorker did get the spelling correct online.)

In the "still got it!" column, though, this issue also includes a spiffy new illustration from Adrian Tomine accompanying an article about the illicit use of prescription medication for so-called “cosmetic neurology.”

It's an interesting article on a subject I personally find quite tempting given the number of times I abandon a post over writer's block or lack of focus.

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