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Monday, April 20, 2009
Pretty Picture Placeholder

Oops, it looks like Rumiko Takahashi Appreciation Week isn't getting off to the most auspicious start. I'd hoped to blog about why Ranma ½ is so wonderful today, but something came up that's preventing me from doing so.

...OK, volume seven of Ranma ½ finally came in at the library after weeks of waiting, so I'm going to spend tonight catching up on a couple more volumes of this absolutely delightful series. But hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with an actual post about the genius that is Ranma ½.

In the meantime, enjoy some beautiful color illustrations by that I found while Googling for info on Ranma ½:

I forget where I found these images, but chances are they're from here.

(Why do I have this nagging feeling that the rest of Rumiko Takahashi Appreciation Week is going to be dominated by image-heavy entries?)

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