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Friday, April 10, 2009
Feeling Frugal: Reader Response Edition

ITEM! Commenter Jason points out that Akadot is a great place to get your Project X and other DMP manga on the cheap. The Project X books are 69-85% off (just $9.90 for all three) and another Sporadic Sequential favorite, Fumi Yoshinaga's absolutely delightful Flower of Life, is available as a three-volume set for ONLY TEN BUCKS!!! (Individual volumes are 54-61% off.) (Akadot offers free shipping on orders over $100, but the bargain books don't qualify for that offer. When I added the Flower of Life bundle or the three Project X books to my cart, the cheapest shipping option was $11.90, so take shipping costs into consideration.)

To give you an idea of Half.com's money-saving potential: I recently purchased 13 different Yen Press & DMP releases, all listed as "Like New." I spent $14.36 on the items, and $29.37 on shipping, for a total of $43.73. The same items cost $64.91 on Amazon Marketplace, and $150.35 new. Happy times.

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