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Friday, April 03, 2009
Bargain Alert: 60% Off Nick & Dent @ TFAW!

During the month of April, TFAW's Nick & Dent merchandise is even cheaper at 60% off vs. the usual 50%! That makes is a great time to browse their selection for bargains on graphic novels. As of this writing, there are 1622 nick & dent graphic novels to sift through. Some recommendations:
  • Eden - If David Welsh's write-up of this series sounded intriguing, TFAW has the first ten volumes at 60% off each.
  • Mail - All three volumes are available for 60% off!
  • Museum of Terror - Ditto. Do yourself a favor and grab some excellent, unsettling horror manga at a great price.
  • Club 9 - Yes, I will keep pimping this series until all of you deplete Dark Horse's back stock, causing them to go back and finish the rest of the series. C'mon, it's only $3.20 apiece and I guarantee you it's one of the sweetest, quirkiest, funniest mangas you'll ever read.
  • Reiko the Zombie Shop - A great gonzo horror series with plenty of ridiculously over-the-top gore. Only one caveat: Dark Horse dropped this series mid-storyline, so if you start reading this addictive series, you'll reach a point where it simply stops right on a huge cliffhanger and you'll go crazy wondering how it all concluded. But other than that, it's a great read.
  • Astro Boy - Tezuka on the cheap! A confession: I haven't actually read any Astro Boy yet, but I did just order volume 3 since that has the "Greatest Robot on Earth" storyline, which served as the basis for Naoki Urasawa's Pluto. Should make for an interesting companion to the updated take, seeing what the original story was like.
I was going to recommend a couple other books, such as Brandon Scott Graham's King City, but it's already sold out! So hurry up and find the best bargains before someone else beats you to it!

DealTaker doesn't offer any current coupons for free shipping from TFAW, but you can always sign up for their newsletter to get some free shipping codes. After you sign up, you'll get a welcome email with two coupon codes. Or you can just try reusing the codes they sent me — I don't see anything that links the codes to a particular account:
  • NEWSLETTER - Free shipping on domestic orders $30+ (expires 4/30/09)
  • TFAWNEWS - $10 off any shipping method (domestic or international) on orders $50+ (expires 4/30/09)
I'll be curious to see if TFAW simply reactivates these codes each month or if they issue new ones. Searching through my emails, it looks like the codes were different back in 2008 and they're no longer active.

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