Sporadic Sequential
Friday, March 13, 2009
It Took So Long Because Every Time It Was Delayed, They Had Update The References To Include The New Volumes That Had Since Come Out

According to letterer Susie Lee, Oh My Goddess! Colors will finally hit stores May 13th. Apparently the advance copies have already arrived in the Dark Horse offices and they're being printed and shipped from China.

Given the nearly four year delay this book has faced so far, I don't find Susie's list of potential problems that could still derail this book that far-fetched. (It's already been delayed since its last solicitation, which had the book coming out in March.)

At this point I don't have much interest in picking up the book, although it's something I could see myself ordering in the future if it shows up half-off in TFAW's Nick & Dent section.

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