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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
The best news you will read all day

I already knew that Joann Sfar was directing an animated version of his wonderful The Rabbi's Cat, but this Variety article on the upcoming film (which they peg as opening in France in 2010, which would put the U.S. release several months to a year behind that) contained a surprising and exciting fact at the very end:
Up next, [Clement] Oubrerie will direct “Aya de Yopougon,” based on the book by Marguerite Abouet that he illustrated.
There's going to be a Rabbi's Cat movie and an Aya movie?!? Holy crap! It's like they're making comic book movies just for me!! If these adapted comics translate to film even half as well as Persepolis did, these should be two amazingly entertaining comic book movies.

And in related happy news, I'm looking forward to the third volume of Aya coming out later this year, Aya: The Secrets Come Out:

If later today First Second also announces when the second volume of Klezmer, "Happy Birthday, Scylla," is coming out, today really will be the best comics news day ever.

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