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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
WARNING: Staring at This Post Too Long May Cause Seizures

If e-book readers like the Kindle ever get around to (officially) supporting manga, here's a feature I'd love to see implemented: Allow users to toggle between Japanese and English sound effects with the push of a button:

I think it'd be really cool to be able to see what particular panels or pages looked like when they were published in the original Japanese. And this might be overkill, but an option to enable a transition "fade" effect showing the various layers involved in retouching SFX from Japanese to English could be fun:

I'm not saying this would be enough to convince me to buy an e-reader device, but it would certainly make it more tempting. And it would be a nice use of the technology to do something that print simply can't (without veering into pointless tech-for-the-sake-of-tech territory like motion comics). What do others think? Is this something that would interest you, or would it be a feature you'd never actually use?

Apologies for the crappy animated GIFs; I was too lazy to align the images properly, so the transition is pretty shaky. And thanks to letterer extraordinaire Susie Lee for posting the images and explaining the process in the first place.

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