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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
8 Things I Loved About Emma 8

1. Seeing Eleanor recovering from her shabby treatment at the hands of William, and even possibly finding a new love interest. One of the hardest things about rooting for William and Emma to end up together was knowing that Eleanor would be hurt in the process. William's predicament wasn't in any way Eleanor's fault, and Eleanor never did anything to make William suffer or prolong his separation from Emma. Like William, Eleanor was mainly a victim of strict societal expectations and conniving familial machinations. Of course, I'm sure Kaoru Mori purposely made Eleanor sympathetic and likeable so the obstacles between William and Emma were that much more difficult and heartbreaking. So it was gratifying to see that the possibility of a "happily ever after" ending exists for Eleanor as well. (I also liked that one of Eleanor's last lines that I initially misread as "I'd like to become Mrs. Liebe" actually said "I'd like to become like Mr. Liebe" (emphasis added); to me, it showed that Eleanor has moved beyond the narrow goals set for her by her parents (marry someone of standing) and is now thinking of who and what she wants to be.)

2. Seeing Kelly Stowner's happy but tragically short-lived marriage to her husband Doug. I'd have to go back and re-read the series to see what was said about Mrs. Stowner's marriage, but the depiction of the relationship here was tender and romantic. It almost made me bawl my eyes out!

3. The visual tour of The Great Exhibition. It was a stunning, scrumptious, artistic tour de force. The whole time I could hear Mori saying, "Why did I ever decide to draw this? Why did I ever decide to draw this?"

4. Seeing newspapers being put to such good use. The newspaper industry should commission Mori to do a campaign about the rich, full life cycle of newspapers, detailing the 1001 things you can do with newsprint!

5. The naughty Frenchman. Say no more, squire! Say no more!

6. Seeing a young person who's going through life a little aimlessly, not sure what she wants to do, without it coming across as depressing or self-indulgent. It's also enlightening to know that young people in different time periods went through similar bouts of doubt and indecision.

7. More Mori omake!!! Oh, Kaoru Mori, I think I'm in love with your diminutive, self-deprecating caricature.

8. Knowing that there's an Emma 9 and an Emma 10 coming with even more side stories about the various characters from this delightful, enchanting series.

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