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Monday, April 13, 2009
The Fight Scenes in Bleach...

...are becoming increasingly abstract:

If this keeps up, pretty soon upcoming volumes will resemble this. (Do they have assistant editors' month in Japan?)

Image from Bleach Volume 26, which is an engaging installment despite the occasional confusing fight scene. Of particular interest: We finally see Kisuke Urahara unleashed, and it looks like Orihime's abilities may finally be extended beyond simply pining after Ichigo and healing him when he's battered and bruised.

Just one thing, Viz: Could you please pick a spelling for the Vizards and stick with it? Originally it was "Vizards," then it changed to "Visoreds" (which doesn't sound tough or threatening at all, since it conjures up images like this or this), but you're still referring to them as "Vizards" on the back cover. (And your website adds a third variation, "Visards." Arrrgh!!!)

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