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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Thankfully, Others Are Producing Actual Content In Honor Of Rumiko Takahashi Appreciation Week

David Welsh goes straight to the source and gets some answers from Viz's Senior Editorial Director, Elizabeth Kawasaki, about the details of the simultaneous release of RIN-NE online. He asks some of the questions I was wondering, including:
WELSH: Will the translated, online chapters be available free of charge? How long will a given chapter be available on the site?

KAWASAKI: The chapters will be available for a limited time for free at TheRumicWorld.com. We're still working out the schedule details.
So make sure to read the new chapters quickly each week, because they may not be available for long!

David also asks something many Rumiko Takahashi fans have been wondering about: Will any of Takahashi's series other than InuYasha be given the VIZBIG treatment?
WELSH: Takahashi's series are perennially popular, but a lot of them are really sprawling. Does VIZ Media have any plans to put any of her titles in VIZBIG format?

KAWASAKI: We don't have any news to announce as of yet. Fans should definitely keep checking TheRumicWorld.com for all Rumiko Takahashi updates!
Spoken like a true Senior Editorial Director!

I wish David had asked about the flipped vs. unflipped issue, or perhaps it was but Viz chose not to address it. In any event, looking forward to tomorrow's online debut to see how the material is presented!

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