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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Although If You Suffer From Cynophobia, I Suppose This Would Be Absolutely Terrifying

RIN-NE is now live! Also, The Rumic World has expanded content, including a blog, which has this exciting news:
As we unveil Rumiko Takahashi's newest manga series RIN-NE on this site, we're also pleased to announce some exciting news about her classic manga series Inuyasha. Starting with volume 38 (which will be released in July), we're publishing the series the way it was originally drawn, from right to left, and releasing the graphic novels monthly.

VIZ Media also has VIZBIG 3-in-1 editions ($17.99) of the entire series on the way starting in November, also in the original unflipped format!
Yay! Looks like that Amazon listing was inaccurate!! (And it looks like eagle-eyed Michelle Smith was right about the monthly release schedule!)

"Yo Quiero Taco Hell!"

OK, off to read RIN-NE now...

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