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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
I Have Angered The Manga Gods

Lately my kids have been really into the Disney version of Hercules, and my experiences the past two days remind me of a scene from that movie: Herc approaches Phil, former trainer of Greek heroes, and asks him to show him the ropes. Phil is about to decline the request with a two-word answer (presumably "No way!" given the expected rhyme) when he's suddenly struck by one of Zeus' lightning bolts, so instead he mutters, "O-kay."

That's kind of how I feel given my technical frustrations the past two days. First, Nvu crashed last night while I was composing a post on Ranma. Then today my cable modem was out for most of the day.

So... I apologize for joking that RIN-NE looks a lot like Bleach. And I'm sorry I've been complaining all day about RIN-NE not being up yet. Although I notice that, as of this writing (almost 5PM CST) it's still not up. (Oh crap, I just jinxed myself again, didn't I? There goes my motherboard...)

And I apologize once again for the lack of content for Rumiko Takahashi Appreciation Week. Hopefully, if there are no further technical disruptions, I'll have my post on Ranma up in the next 24 hours days.

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