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Friday, May 01, 2009
It's The Classic Shopper's Dilemma All Over Again

TFAW is having a Spring Cleaning Sale with progressive discounts every week:
Starting May 1st, you'll save 50% off a bunch of toys, comics, graphic novels, statues, and other collectibles. May 10th, you'll begin to save 60% off! May 17th, you'll start saving 70% off remaining stock + hundreds of new additions. Finally, starting May 24th, you'll save 80% off!
As they note, quantities are limited, so the gamble you face is: Do I wait a couple more weeks for the discount to go up with the risk that the item I want will sell out? I already see a couple items I want so I'm struggling with that very dilemma myself.

And here are a couple new coupon codes to help with shipping costs:
  • CLEANUP - $5 off $50+ (expires 5/31/09)
  • ROCKOUT - Free domestic shipping on orders $25+ (expires 5/31/09)
Of course, I love the irony of a "spring cleaning" sale that will just result in an even messier office for me.

* Also, if you place your order tomorrow on Free Comic Book Day, TFAW will throw in three free comics, but they're ones that probably won't interest non-superhero, non-licensed-sci-fi-properties fans.

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