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Friday, May 01, 2009
It's Always Embarrassing When Company Reps Respond So Rationally To My Ill-Considered Screeds

Jane Lui, PR & Events Manager at Viz, was kind enough to send me the following note further explaining the delays with RIN-NE's weekly release schedule:
We wanted to empahsize that the publication schedule for RIN-NE is following the WEEKLY SHONEN SUNDAY publishing schedule. The next issue of WEEKLY SHONEN SUNDAY (Vol. 23) will street on May 2nd, with the following issue streeting on May 13th - the issue that RIN-NE debuted in was a double issue (Vol. 21-22), to cover for the extra time between issues. The Golden Week holidays in Japan, running from April 29th through May 6th, tends to throw things off a bit - the WEEKLY SHONEN SUNDAY schedule in this case was shifted a little.
I appreciate Jane taking the time to respond to my (grumpy, fan-entitled) post. I was tickled to learn that last week's issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday was double-sized in order to account for the Golden Week publishing gap. It reminds me of the double issues that magazines like The New Yorker and EW put out to handle "skip weeks" here in the States. Jane's note also reinforced the "simultaneous release" aspect of this project over the "weekly updates" element: If there's no material published in Japan, it doesn't make sense to expect there to be material released here in the U.S. So for now I'll just wait patiently for the next installment of RIN-NE and pass the time by reading the many volumes of Ranma piling up on my nightstand!

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