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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Hey, How About Some Free Manga?

Thanks to a screwup by the Post Office, I have extra copies of the following manga:
I ordered them from Barnes & Noble a month ago and when they hadn't shown up after almost two weeks, I called to complain. B&N cancelled the original order and I reordered the books. Today I finally received the original shipment but I really don't need two copies of these books, so I'll give them away to the person who tells me the best story about the worst online shopping experience they've had. Simply send me an email detailing your ordeal by 11:59 PM CST Thursday 11/15/2007 and the books could be yours! I'll post the winning story and ship out the books (two still in their original shrinkwrap!) shortly after that. (If you're not interested in all three books, let me know and I can give the ones you don't want to the runner-up.)

UPDATE 11/9: To open up the contest for more participants, I'll now accept stories about any bad shopping experience on- or offline. So go ahead and tell me why Best Buy sucks!

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