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Friday, October 05, 2007
Dream Team Week, Day 6: I Spent Way Too Much Time Thinking About This One

Today's Dream Team Week feature focuses on two adorable yet sinister characters:

Keroro vs. Elmo

The Plan: Brainstorming ideas for their latest invasion operation, Kululu informs the platoon that TV shows aimed at Pokopenian children have a powerful, almost hypnotic effect on them. Kululu suggests broadcasting their own children's show to win the hearts and minds of Pokopenian youth. Keroro loves the idea: "A silent invasion through insidious propaganda! Brilliant!!!" (Plus, Keroro loves the idea of being on TV.) The group's first effort, however, fails miserably and leaves children crying in horror. (It seems the invaders don't have the best understanding of Pokopenian developmental psychology.)

Undeterred, Keroro decides to take a different approach: If they can't produce their own children's show, they'll simply commandeer the most popular one! Which leads us to: "Operation MMVIII: Can You Tell Me How To Get Sesame Street?"

The Ferocious Face-Offs!
  • Giroro vs. Oscar! The Grump vs. the Grouch!
  • Tamama vs. Cookie Monster! Will their love of snacks distract from the battle at hand?
  • Momoka vs. Zoe! Who knew Zoe had such a dark side?
  • Paul vs. Herry Monster! It's a battle of brute strength!
  • Kululu vs. Ernie! Trickster vs. trickster!
  • Dororo vs. Super Grover! A rather boring encounter, as they mainly discuss their favorite foreign cultures
  • Angol Mois vs. Miss Piggy! Who has the most devastating blow?
  • Mutsumi vs. Abby Cadabby! Magic pen vs. magic wand!
In the end, although the Muppets put up a good fight, Keroro's platoon and allies are victorious in each and every encounter, which leads to the final showdown between the two leaders, Keroro and Elmo. But before Keroro can launch his attack, Elmo has one more surprise up his sleeve (literally!) as he pulls off his fur to reveal...

The Shocking Plot Twist! Elmo was really Kermit The Frog all along! It turns out "Elmo" was just an alias Kermit came up with to increase his popularity when his screen time was being reduced on each new episode. Apparently red characters are intrinsically more popular with kids than green ones. Which means that the final fight is really:

Keroro vs. Kermit

That's right, it's amphibian vs. amphibian for the fate of the Earth!! Can Kermit K.O. Keroro???

Keroro Manages To Snatch Defeat From The Jaws of Victory When... Keroro, of course, cheats, so Kermit falls before the Sergeant's treachery. But just when it seems that the Keronian invasion will finally be successful, Kululu announces that he forgot to stop broadcasting, so all of Earth's children just saw the platoon demolish their most beloved characters. Needless to say, Keroro and crew — far from becoming beloved icons themselves — are now pariahs, hated and despised by an entire generation.

The Final Gag Panel: Keroro, taking Kermit's words to heart, is seen parading around in a flimsy Giroro suit. "It's not easy being green," laments the Sergeant.

Format: A two-chapter Operation in the next volume of Sgt. Frog. Later adapted as a full half-hour episode for the Keroro Gunso anime. Even later referenced in lawsuit filed by Sesame Workshop. (So in the end, Elmo does win).

* Thanks to Christopher Butcher for indirectly inspiring this kooky crossover.

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