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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Dream Team Week, Day 3: Creepy Crawlers

Dream Team Week rolls along, this time featuring two misfit loners who seem like a natural fit together:

Spider-Man and The Creeper

The Set-Up: Talk about the Parker luck! Some new costumed character is causing trouble all over town and everyone's mistaking him for Spidey. Aunt May's health is deteriorating but he's still trying to pay for her last hospital visit. Betty's not talking to him. And to top it all off, Jameson has just assigned him to take photos for some hotshot muckraking journalist named Ryder on some trashy story involving celebrities who commit crimes in broad daylight but then deny everything when they're caught. Things have got to get better, because there's no way they could possibly get worse — right???

The Villains: Those malevolent masters of masquerade, The Chameleon and Proteus! But are they working on their own, or are they merely pawns in an even more sinister plot?

Cameos: Mr. A and The Question! But are these oddly masked vigilantes friend or foe — or neither???

The League of Limited Expressiveness
ChameleonProteusThe QuestionMr. A

The Shocking Revelation! It turns out Professor Yatz once worked for Oscorp but left abruptly, fearing his research would be used by owner Norman Osborn for less than noble purposes. Now Osborn wants his technology back, even if he has to tear it out of the Creeper's living body!

Creator: Steve Ditko, natch. (Hey, these are all dream projects, so I might as well dream big, right?)

Format: 2-issue prestige-format limited series co-published by Marvel and DC.

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