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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
I ♥ Collen Coover

Dave Carter is pressed for time so he's running Colleen Coover Week. Let's hope his schedule stays hectic and it turns into Colleen Coover Month! (Yeah, I could look at Coover's artwork every day without getting tired of it.) And since Dave already posted Coover's wonderful interpretation of Mary Marvel, I'm going to post this oldie but goodie:

[Image from Coover's LiveJournal]

In other Coover news, I dug up the following tidbits from an interview on the site G-Wie-Gorilla:

Coover and husband Paul Tobin have created a new graphic novel titled Freckled Face, Bony Knees, And Other Things Known About Annah. According to Coover's LJ, the book is complete and they're just deciding on who to publish it through. Coover describes the book as follows:
It’s a character study of a woman named Annah, told from the point of view of people around her. Annah believes that she has a missing twin sister named Ginger who was created by her mad scientist father from the part of her brain known as the Penfield's Homunculus, which is sort of a map of sensory perception. She blames the loss of her “sister” for the fact that she is sometimes emotionally unstable, but her observers point out that the creation of Ginger occurred during her parents’ messy divorce, and may be purely a figment of her imagination.
Dare I say it sounds like a fit for DC's Minx line? (Although I can't remember whether the deals through Minx allow the creators to retain all rights, so maybe it's not a good fit.)

It sounds like my hopes for a Banana Sunday sequel have been dashed, at least in comic book form:
There are no plans at the moment for any more Banana Sunday comics, but Paul (who wrote Banana Sunday under the name Root Nibot,) has written a series of novels and is working on finding a publisher for them.
I'd be curious to see how the series would translate to prose, but I'd miss seeing the antics of Go-Go illustrated. Perhaps Coover could do chapter illustrations like the one below to tide over fans like me:

Speaking of Go-Go, Coover links to this sculptor (scroll down to about mid-page) who created a figure of everyone's favorite irrepressible id in the form of a gorilla:

I want one!!!

UPDATE Forgot to mention that Coover has put two full comics up on her ComicSpace page, T-Shirt Weather (originally published in The Comics Journal Special Edition Volume 5 2005: Manga Masters) and The Boogeyman (originally published in Dark Horse's Sexy Chix).

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