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Monday, September 10, 2007
Manga Mondays: Last Week's News - TODAY!

ITEM! Via David Welsh comes news that the 20th volume of Bleach topped PWCW's comics bestsellers list last week. As David points out in the comments, it's not that surprising that Bleach sells well given its popular anime tie-in, but I still can't get over the odd feeling of having something I enjoy also being popular. This comes from years of watching series I liked (e.g., Chase, Power Company) cancelled out from under me back when I was a more regular reader of superhero comics. Also: can something so popular still be good? I feel torn, like I should be engaging in critical backlash to take down this empty, overhyped book.

ITEM! Via Ryan Lewis [via Brigid Alverson] comes word that Love Roma creator Minoru Toyoda is working on a new series, presumably for the Japanese manga anthology Afternoon where his other work has been published. No word on when the series would even start in Japan or how long it would run, so who knows when (or if) we'll ever see it released here, but it still made me smile to think that there's a possibility of more material from one of my favorite mangaka becoming available maybe someday.

From Minoru Toyoda's one-shot Flip-Flap,
published in the Feb. 2007 issue of Afternoon

ITEM! Via Dirk Deppey comes the crushing verdict that Tekkon Kinkreet is not, in fact, a mature work. Great, and right after I went ahead and ordered the book based on Christopher Butcher's heartfelt plea to support manga for grown-ups. (Team Adult Manga?) Oh, wait: One of my favorite manga is aimed at pre-teens (and "rotten girls," apparently), so I guess I'm not that devastated. (And really, if I were interested in buying Tekkon Kinkreet to support any cause, it would be the one whose goal is to get publishers to put out MORE FAT BOOKS OF LOTS AND LOTS OF MANGA!!! (I call it 'Team Mammoth Manga' and you can be a part of it, too!))

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