Sporadic Sequential
Saturday, September 08, 2007
Superhero Saturdays:
In A Superhero State of Mind

Searching through Amazon's listings, I found something that may cause me to break my moratorium on buying Marvel's Essential volumes:

C'mon, how can you resist a collection containing comics like this? (Unfortunately, disputed rights to Rom prevent issue #73 from being reprinted, but even without it that's 25 comics (50-72, 74-75) of goofy "buddy cop" action.)

This looks like another superhero comic I'd enjoy:

I recall critical reaction to the story (originally featured as a backup in Tales of the Unexpected) being overwhelmingly positive, and I've always enjoyed Cliff Chiang's artwork, so I think this is something I'll eventually check out. Plus, the backstory behind just one panel makes it sound like the creative process for the book was a truly collaborative effort infused with a real sense of fun (as opposed to editorially-mandated continuity wank), so it makes the whole project seem like a labor of love. [Via Kevin Melrose]

Finally, a couple pin-ups for certain bloggers. (They and you! can probably guess who they are.)

By Cliff Chiang
From a proposed Wildcat miniseries

By Mike Miller
From Upper Deck Entertainment's Marvel Team-Up card set.
Hey, Doc's cloak shouldn't appear when he's in astral form, should it??