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Monday, September 10, 2007
The Way We Were

On a whim, I decided to check out my archives to see what I was blogging about last September.

The first thing that appears is a post that still gets quite a bit of traffic, my (since abandoned) attempt to track the many delays in the Oh My Goddess! publication schedule. My apologies to all those who come here seeking updated OMG! release info, but now that I'm not following the series anymore, I have even less interest in updating that table. (There's still this handy list, though.)

Further down the page, there's more griping about Dark Horse's delays with OMG!; an attempt at Civil War-related humor; and several "fun with panels" posts. But the post that most interested me was this one, basically a shopping list of comics I'd ordered online. Examining that list, I know there are at least two books I haven't even started reading (any guesses? maybe I should send those books to whoever answers correctly, since I'm obviously never going to read them myself) and probably several more I'd started but never finished.

Going back even further, I took a look at the September archives from my old blog, Grotesque Anatomy. Interestingly, it was on September 10, 2003 that I started that blog, exactly four years ago at the time I started working on this post. Man, those September 2003 archives really take me back. Some highlights:
For September 2004, there's only one post, my announcement that I was closing up shop at Grotesque Anatomy. But I did find this bit prophetic [emphasis added]:
I toyed with the idea of keeping the blog going at a much more sporadic pace, but there's something inherently wrong with a blog that only updates irregularly and infrequently (unless the sporadic schedule is in your blog's name, of course).
Coincidence, or elaborately planned blog relaunch? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

So how about you? What were you blogging about a year ago? Has what you blog about changed at all?

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