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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Dream Team Week, Day 5: Cleaning Up The Afterlife

Hey, today on Dream Team Week it's two super-powered, demon-fighting, sword-wielding heroes that taste great together!

Bleach & Blade

Plot: This one is real simple: Ichigo and Blade team-up to kick Hollow and Vampire ass!

OK, I Guess There Is Somewhat of a Shocking! Revelation! In the course of their fighting (with each other almost as much as against their enemies), Ichigo learns that Blade used to be a member of the Soul Society! (That explains the haircut.) But no one, including Blade himself, seems to remember this clearly. Who erased everyone's memories of Blade's service as a Soul Reaper — and more importantly, why???

All Right, Here's One More Shocking! Revelation! (Stolen from Joss Whedon): It's also revealed that Vampires are actually a form of Hollow, a specialized case of the Arrancar.

Oh Yeah, And There's Like Symbolism And Stuff, Too:
"Say, did you ever notice that we're both powered by the very evil we fight to destroy? WHOA, DEEP!!!!"

Creator: Tite Kubo

Format: Musical 13-volume saga with never-ending battles, later spawning multiple adaptations in various media (including an epic 6-hour musical).

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