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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Dream Team Week, Day 4: The Escape Artist & The Executioner

Today's installment of Dream Team Week involves a team-up of truly cosmic proportions:

Mister Miracle & Nexus
The Plot: Facing a midlife crisis, Scott Free questions what good he's doing performing as an escape artist for people's amusement. Shouldn't he have some higher calling in life? After talking with Barda, Scott realizes what his life's work should be: Helping refugees escape from Apokolips as he did! Working with Mother Box, Scott learns of another dimension containing a planet called Ylum that offers asylum to victims of political oppression. Together with his fellow New Gods, Scott works on freeing others from the horrors of Apokolips and relocating them to Ylum. However, such mass immigration soon runs into two main problems: First, Horatio Hellpop (AKA Nexus), the de facto leader of Ylum, was never consulted on this plan, and things aren't going smoothly since Ylum's resources are being stretched thin and the Apokolipian refugees are proving... resistant to integration in civil society. Second, Darkseid, Apokolips' despotic ruler, doesn't take kindly to having large numbers of his subjects removed from his control; and even more troubling, in attempting to recover them, Darkseid himself journeys to Ylum, where he meets Merk — who might just hold the secret to the Anti-Life Equation Darkseid has sought for so long! Can Mister Miracle and Nexus put aside their differences long enough to overcome this threat to life and liberty???

The Titanic Matchups!
  • Himon / Dave
  • Highfather / The Heads
  • Orion / Judah
  • Barda / Sundra
  • Knockout / Jilquoix DeSmoot
  • Granny Goodness / Ursula Imada
  • Oberon / Clonezone
  • Funky Flashman / Vooper
  • Metron / The Merk
  • Parademons / Quatros
  • Darkseid's Omega Beams vs. Nexus' Fusionkast Blasts!
Creators: Mike Baron and Steve "The Dude" Rude

Format: Oversized Treasury Edition. (Also available for digital download via the Rude Dude storefront.)

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