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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
I Suddenly Want To Fly to Japan and Buy Tons of Doujinshi

Telophase has kindly put up scans of several doujinshi she purchased during her recent trip to Japan, including a number covering Bleach and Death Note. Some of my favorite out-of-context images (although I'm guessing context probably wouldn't help much):

Slashfic engines... GO!!!

This probably explains more about Near's devotion to / idolization of L than I ever wanted to know:

I really like this wraparound cover; it reminds me of something Jason would do — muted colors, but with a really strong design sensibility:

More at the links, and more forthcoming, including a promised "OMGWTFBBQ Bleach one with Zaraki Kenpachi in a girls' school uniform." I guess that would balance out this:

Tite Kubo Theatre Presents:
Choose Your Own Pandering Fanservice Costume!

UPDATE: It turns out there's an entire LJ devoted to Death Note doujinshi, including another look at Light in that maid's outfit. Now I'm off to find the Bleach doujinshi communities.

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