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Saturday, October 06, 2007
Dream Team Week, Day 7: Imagine That

It's the final installment of Dream Team Week, so let's end with some all-ages fun:

Yotsuba & Calvin & Hobbes!

The Pitch: Adorable misadventures involving everyone's two favorite youngsters (plus one very lively stuffed tiger) who take everything way too literally but also have imagination to spare.
  • Watch! as Yotsuba puzzles over how to communicate with Hobbes! ("How come he never says anything?")
  • Laugh! as Calvin drives Jumbo crazy!
  • Sigh! nostalgically as these two hilarious kids remind you of how childhood was a time of limitless imagination and potential!
Creators: Kiyohiko Azuma & Bill Watterson.

Format: Oversized coffee table hardcover, with daily strips several to a page in B&W, and the Sunday strips in luscious painted watercolor.

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