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Monday, October 08, 2007
Dream Team Week Extra: Vote For Your Favorite!

David Welsh poses a tough question I'd never even considered: If only one of the dream crossovers I proposed could be made into a comic, which one would you pick?

I love all the crossover ideas for different reasons, so it's hard for me to pick just one. I'm tempted to say the Spider-Man and Creeper one, just because it would be such a kick to see Steve Ditko draw those characters again, but I realize he probably has no interest in touching corporate superhero comics. The Sgt. Frog and Sesame Street one is something I wouldn't really need to see produced since I've basically already imagined the entire thing in my head. So in the end I'd probably go with the Curious George and Go-Go book because it's something I could share with my daughter. (Although I'd have to be very careful to explain to her that normally what Go-Go does would hurt.)

One other question: How geeky would it be if I were to buy myself a pair of limited-edition Bleach shoes?

And would it be more or less geeky if I only wore them at home and never showed them off in public?

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