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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Next: How The Flaws of Phantom Menace Justify the Problems with Countdown

Judd Winick on his favorite story-writing tool, The Plothammer:
It doesn’t make any sense, but I understand that, from a storytelling point of view, he had to go there.
So rewriting the scene so it goes where you want it to go and it makes sense isn't an option? I suppose if your only role model for comic book writing is sloshed Stan Lee, constructing action scenes that can be followed without excessive expository narration would seem nigh impossible. I wonder how all those manga creators manage it? (Or Alan Moore, if you want a non-manga example.)

Also, is Winick the first to offer The Star Wars Defense for Crappy Writing? "Hey, if George Lucas got away with bad storytelling, it's fair game for my work!!"

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