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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Coming Soon! NARUTO Cabinets, Dressers, Coffee Tables

Like lots of manga all at once? Forget those passé omnibus editions of popular manga series — Viz is upping the ante with the mammoth Naruto Box Set, which collects all twenty-seven volumes of the series released in English so far (three of which won't be released for individual sale until December). The best part is, the set is so massive it even comes with its own bookcase:

The "collector's edition" set comes with other bonus features as well (poster, sticker, card game, Naruto proto-manga) but I'm tempted to get it simply because I've got a coupon for half-off any one item at Barnes&Noble.com so it would work out to a little over two bucks per book. (If you're a Barnes & Noble member with a valid MasterCard, you can get the same deal with coupon code P7N6J9K.)

Related: Matt Blind already got his set yesterday, also for half-off.

UPDATE: I missed this earlier, but Amazon has several other images of the set, inluding a registration card owners can send in to have their names added to an online "Hall of Fame" listing all of the "Naruto ShadowBox registered owners." So when prospective employers Google your name, one of the first things they'll learn about you is that you're a huge Naruto nerd.

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