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Friday, May 23, 2008
Today's Online Shopping Tip

TFAW is having another (still having the same?) "Massive 40% Off Sale," plus there are various coupon codes available (see below), so now may be a good time to stock up on missing volumes from your favorite manga series. (The site shows the sale as applying just to collectibles but if you click through, it shows other categories such as graphic novels are also on sale.) Plus, there's always TFAW's huge selection of "Nick & Dent" GNs at 50% off to browse through. (Currently it shows over 1100 GNs (!) offered as nick & dent specials.) I ordered a bunch of nick & dent GNs a couple months ago and everything looked like a brand-new book to me.

Coupon Codes:
  • Free shipping on orders $40+ » Coupon Code: SPROUT » Expires: 5/31/08
  • $10 off $50+ » Coupon Code: GREEN » Expires: 5/31/08
  • Free shipping on orders $25+ » Coupon Code: SPRINGFLING » Expires: 6/30/08
Here's what I ordered this time around:
  • Bride of the Water God Vol. 1 - I'm buying this as a show of solidarity for Katherine Dacey. Fans of low-selling manga (or manhwa) have to stick together and support each other's favorite series!!*
  • Mushishi Vol. 2 - The first volume didn't wow me but enough of the right people praise this series that I'm willing to give it a second look. (Hey, it's not like my first impressions haven't been wrong hasty before.)
  • Shadow Lady: Sudden Death TPB - I really have no idea what to expect here, but ever since Alex Scott mentioned that Masakazu Katsura was a huge Batman fan and Wikipedia informed me that "[Katsura] is also a huge fan of Batman, something which has influenced his work, most clearly seen in Shadow Lady," I've been curious to check this out. Plus, for six bucks I won't feel too cheated if I don't like it.
  • Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh Vol. 1 - I honestly have no idea what this is. I know I've heard the term "Boogiepop" before but for some reason I had it confused with this. Anyway, googling for info took me to gomanga's site and once I saw the word "shinigami" in the description I was hooked.
Oh, one more tip: If you find it daunting to browse through all the nick & dent books, you can filter the results by publisher at the top. The only glitch is that sometimes I had to reselect the "Nick and Dent only" checkbox in order to display only nick & dent books.

* NOTE: Not really.

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