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Monday, March 24, 2008
Deals That Are Out of This World!

It looks like I may blow my tax rebate before it even arrives. While searching for the best deal on the last two volumes of the Scary Book series, I stumbled upon the online shop TFAW (Things From Another World). I'd seen the site before, but it looks like it's been revamped recently. Of particular interest was the "Nick & Dent" section of the site where they're selling "less-than-mint-condition books" for 50% off. There are close to a thousand graphic novels listed, and I'm trying really hard not to go crazy. Some bargain books that I'd particularly recommend:
  • Akira Club for only $14.98
  • Akira vols. 1-2, 4-5 for $12.48 apiece
  • All five volumes of Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man for just $6.48 each
  • Club 9 vols. 1-3 for only $4 each (which is actually 75% off the original cover price! I highly recommend this series, esp. at such a great price!)
  • Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service vols. 2-3 2 is $5.48 but 3 is only $3.29
  • Mail vols. 1-2, $5.48 each
  • Museum of Terror 1-3, $6.98 each
  • Nexus Archives 1-5, $24.98 each
The only caveat is I'm not sure how good of condition these "nick & dent" books are. TFAW claims the books "have been handled and have minor dings, scratches, etc. but are still perfectly good as reading copies" but also notes that returns aren't accepted, so buy at your own risk.

If you're worried about getting a book that's too banged up, TFAW also has a big Dark Horse sale going on right now (50-85% off), so, for example, you could get the Club 9 books new for only 79 cents more apiece. And there's also a general 40% off sale on a huge number of items. Plus, you can save even more with one of two coupons that are good through 3/31:
  • $2.99 Flat Rate Domestic Shipping on $25+ Orders with Coupon Code: SHAMROCK
  • $5 off $50+ with Coupon Code: STOUT
Happy shopping!!

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