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Monday, March 10, 2008
Preorder Price Pressure

Following Amazon's lead, Barnes&Noble.com is now offering a 5% preorder discount on many of its books. Plus, BN.com seems to have lowered its price on many titles. For example, most of Viz's cheaper manga used to be listed at cover price, but now everything seems to be listed at 10% off, which is nice. So for example, a Shonen Jump manga that's already out is now 10% off (ex: Bleach 22 is $7.15) while a preordered manga is 15% off (ex: Bleach 23 is $6.75). It's a small savings, but every little bit helps when you're buying lots of manga!

UPDATE: Astute shopper Amy pointed out in the comments that the lower price on some manga is due to BN.com's current Kids' Sale (not sure how long it runs), not to any long-term change in their pricing for manga. So buy that manga you've been eying before the prices go up again!

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