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Friday, January 18, 2008
Gon 2: Gon Jumps (Inside) The Shark

As a follow-up to my daughter's review of Gon Vol. 1, here are her thoughts on Gon Vol. 2:

"Noooo, dinosaur! Don't eat the baby penguins!! That's not OK!!!" [My daughter misinterpreted the scene of Gon opening his mouth to feed the baby penguins as Gon eating the baby penguins, so she was rather upset with him. "That's not OK!" is her phrase for letting others know she doesn't like what they're doing, usually directed at us when she doesn't want to do something we've asked her to do. After this, I'm not sure if she'll want to follow Gon's exploits anymore, but I'll offer her Gon Vol. 3 when it comes out to see if she's forgiven him by then.]

And here are my thoughts: "A dinosaur inside of a shark, both of them chasing after fish with their mouths wide open?? To paraphrase the infamous Mr. Sims, 'I AM NOW FREAKING OUT!!!'"

* This time she read the book left-to-right, so she started with the last chapter, which featured the penguins. After she saw Gon trying to eat the baby penguins, she wasn't interested in reading any further, even though I told her there was a shark with a dinosaur inside its mouth later in the book. Kids! You can't tell them anything!!

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