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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Cosplaying for Keroro

Hey, did you know I was taking the rest of 2007 off from blogging? Neither did I! Oops, sorry about that. Assuming I don't drop off the face of the earth for another long stretch, I'm hoping to have my own "Best of 2007" list up soon. That is, if something I discovered just today doesn't eat up all of my free time. I'm talking, of course, about Tokyopop's Sgt. Frog Cosplay Contest! Now, normally I just point at cosplayers and laugh, but considering the prizes Tokyopop is offering for first place I might just have to swallow my pride and learn how to humiliate myself through sewing. Just look at this swag:
The first-place winner will capture an autographed Sgt. Frog Bind-up (Vols 1-3) by its famous creator Mine Yoshizaki, along with $100 worth of Sgt. Frog merchandise straight from Japan!
A hundred bucks of Sgt. Frog merchandise sounds nice until you realize that given the price of Japanese imports, that probably amounts to one little figurine (and one of a lame side character like Sumomo, at that). No, what really has me excited is the prospect of winning an autographed Sgt. Frog book by series creator Mine Yoshizaki. That's a really nice incentive.

So, any suggestions for which character I should be? Do you think I could get away with submitting the following photo and saying it's me?

Hmm. Maybe I'd have better luck trying to pass off one of the other Keroro Cosplay images I found via Google Image Search.

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