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Sunday, December 02, 2007
The Sensational Character Finds of 2007!

Found in The November 2007 issue of Nick Magazine [click for larger]:

Yes, that's by Steven Weissman, who signed the strip by "Ribs," a pseudonym / nickname / pen-name he's used elsewhere. I would definitely pay to see the further adventures of this sot-so-dynamic duo, but I'm not interested in subscribing to Nick Magazine to get my fix. Can anyone tell me if Weissman has contributed other work to Nick Magazine before (or any other magazine I might not be aware of)? And if so, have they been collected anywhere? (It looks like Nick Mag may offer their comics content online at some point in the future (including a blog by comic editors Dave Roman and Chris Duffy promising "[c]omics and cartooning tips, news, and contests from the Nick Mag Comic Book editors") but so far nothing's available on the site.)

Other comic artists contributing to the issue's comic book insert include Jef Czekaj, Sam Henderson, Johnny Ryan, R. Sikoryak, and John Kerschbaum (piece shown above). Who knew Nickelodeon was such a haven for indy creators?

UPDATE: Editor Dave Roman showed up in the comments to point out that there's a Nick Mag Comics Live Journal that has info about comic content in upcoming and past issues, and he also linked to a fun photo parade of a neat-sounding interactive presentation from San Diego Comic Con 2006. (Love the computer-generated comics. Extreme to the word!)

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