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Monday, November 19, 2007
Hey, How About Some Free Manga with Absolutely NO Effort Involved?

Forgot to mention: the deadline for the free manga giveaway came and went without even one person sending me an entry. Which leads me to believe one of the following:
  1. No one is actually reading this blog. All my hits are just from frustrated Google searchers looking for "Kekkaishi fanfiction" and then quickly going somewhere else to satisfy their needs. (Did I ever promise Kekkaishi fanfic? Note to self: Start dreaming up some Kekkaishi fanfic to boost site traffic.)
  2. Everyone reading this blog has such good taste that they've already read all the books I'm offering.
  3. There are some readers of this blog who would like the books I'm offering, but they've never had a bad shopping experience they can complain about.
  4. There are readers who would like the books and have plenty of bad shopping experiences to complain about, but it's too much of a hassle to write those experiences down in an email. (I can sympathize with this: it's what happens every time I storm out of a store after a bad experience, vowing, "Just wait til I get home and compose an angry letter to the store's general manager! That'll show them !!!")
I still want to give these books away, so I'll make it even easier: the first person to send me an email with their mailing address can have them. And again, if you don't want all three books, let me know and I'll send the unwanted volumes to the next person in line (assuming there is one).

UPDATE, less than 30 minutes later: Apparently the problem was #4 after all. CLARIFICATION TO THE EARLIER UPDATE: That means the free manga has already been given away. Sorry!

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