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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Marvel's Magical Month

OK, heaven knows I give Marvel and DC a hard time for all the crap they do, so I suppose it's only fair that I give them credit when they do something right, and -SHOCK!- Marvel's latest batch of solicits have several items that actually appeal to me:

Not only a new 5-issue limited series (yeah, I'll be waiting for the inevitable collection) by original series creator Alan Davis, but a nice-looking hardcover collecting Davis' entire earlier run. (Thankfully, the "it was all just a crazy dream!" issues done after Davis left will not be included in this collection.)

SPIDER-MAN FAMILY #7! First of all, I'm always a sucker for team-ups between Spidey and the FF (there's something amusing about the way each individual member of the FF interacts with Spidey that pushes my fanboy pleasure-center buttons), but I thought this bit was a very nice touch:
This special issue is brought to you by Mr. Kesel, DeZago and Waid, who take you on an adventure that spans their buddy Mike Wieringo's favorite places in the Marvel U! We miss ya, Mike!
I think that's the classiest thing I've ever witnessed in a Marvel solicitation. [Sniff! Excuse me, I've got something in my eye!]

FANTASTIC FOUR: THE LOST ADVENTURE! I probably won't actually buy this, but I have to admit I thought "IT'S THE COMIC BOOK EQUIVALENT OF A LOST BEATLES TRACK!" was a good line.

THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST: ORSON RANDALL AND THE GREEN MIST OF DEATH! Dammit, Kevin Melrose's constant pimping of this title is wearing me down! (Actually, I read the first HC collection via the library and really enjoyed it, so this is something I might continue to follow in collected form, especially if it stays relatively separate from the rest of the crossover-happy MU.)

INCREDIBLE HERCULES #114! I've always had a soft spot for the well-meaning but boorish Hercules, and Amadeus Cho is easily one of Marvel's best creations in the past ten? twenty? years (although considering the competition that's not really saying much), so I'm tempted to check this out.

MARVEL ADVENTURES FANTASTIC FOUR #33! Is it an indication of my age (mental as well as biological) that I find many of Marvel's "kiddie" comics more appealing than their mainline titles? But c'mon, tell me those aren't some natural sparring partners for everyone's favorite blue-eyed idol of millions (has the Thing ever faced off against either of these villains before?):

Plus, it's written by Paul Tobin of Banana Sunday fame! So I guess the only question is: buy the floppy or wait for the digest?

MARVEL FANFARE VOL. 1 TPB! I always enjoyed this offbeat anthology, and while I already have the older TPB collecting the Spider-Man & X-Men in the Savage Land storyline, I don't have any of the backup stories, or issues #5 and #7, so I'll probably get this.

Whoa, over a half-dozen Marvel books that sound interesting to me in a single month! Who spiked my coffee with nostalgia juice this morning?

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