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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Waiting For The Omnibus

Forget waiting for the trade: The truly discriminating comics fan will wait years, even decades, for thick omnibus collections of their favorite series. Personally, I no longer settle for any collection under 300 pages, and even that might be too lenient.

So I'm very excited to read Christopher Butcher casually break the news that Viz will be releasing 3-in-1 omnibus editions of Takehiko Inoue's Vagabond! I own a couple of the older volumes, but I've mainly been reading it through the library because there are so many published books to catch up on. But this is definitely a series that I'd like to have on my bookshelf, so this is great news.

(Chris' post also reminded me about another project I need to keep my eye out for: the Chip Kidd-designed Bat-Manga: The Secret History of Batman in Japan.)

And I hope Chris doesn't mind, but I totally had to steal this pic of Otsū peering around the corner. What a wonderful concept, perfectly executed! It totally fits her character. [Swoon] Man, Inoue really is amazing, isn't he?

Photo by Christopher Butcher

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