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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Whatever Happened To: Dupuy & Berberian?

Note: not Dupuy & Berberian

Seeing this illustration by Dupuy and Berberian in a recent New Yorker made me wonder: Whatever happened to the series of Monsieur Jean books Drawn & Quarterly was putting out? The first book came out back in July 2006 and since then I haven't heard anything about a follow-up volume. Has the series been shelved? (If I remember correctly, the D&Q hardcover collected three of the French editions, so there should be enough material for a second collection since seven volumes have been released in France so far.)

The seventh Monsieur Jean tome (2005)

UPDATE: No word on forthcoming Monsieur Jean volumes, but D+Q Controller Philippe Dupuy in February 2008. (D+Q doesn't seem to believe in permalinks, so search for "Dupuy" on both pages to find the relevant content.) And as Monsieur JeanMonsieur Jean

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