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Thursday, December 06, 2007
Oh No, My One Weakness! A Good Bargain!!

Oh my god. I actually did it. I BOUGHT SOME MARVEL COMICS. Not only that, but I PREORDERED them. I was cleaning out old emails and found some old order confirmations from DCBS. For the heck of it, I decided to check out the site to see what kind of specials they were running. That was my undoing right there. Remember how I was kind of expressing interest in several Marvel comics a couple weeks back? Well, add the right discount and any resolve I might have had went right out the window. Here are some of the INCREDIBLE BARGAINS that pushed me over the edge into preordering madness once again:
  • CLANDESTINE CLASSIC PREM HC - 50% off! (And not only that, but it's 50% off the $29.99 price listed in Previews, as opposed to the $34.99 price tag places like Amazon are listing it for. Notice how Marvel's product page for the book has both prices listed.)
  • MARVEL FANFARE TP VOL 01 - 50% off!
  • HONEY & CLOVER GN VOL 01 - 50% off ! (I know the cover scares Mike Sterling, but both David Welsh and Dirk Deppey have raved about this, which is good enough for me.)
I also picked up a couple honest-to-goodness floppies, something I haven't done since my last order from DCBS:
  • CLANDESTINE #1 - 75& off! (Yeah, I'll probably get the eventual collection, but for 74 cents I figured I could afford to sample the first issue.)
  • SPIDER-MAN FAMILY #7 - 40% off!
And to round out the order, I got the latest volumes of two of my favorite manga series:
I was also tempted to get the ginormous RUROUNI KENSHIN VIZ BIG ED GN VOL 01 for half-off but then I remembered that I'd read the first small edition and it didn't really do much for me. (Thick + Cheap is almost an irresistible lure for me, but it appears reason can still win out occasionally.)

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