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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Whatever Happened To: ADV's Sgt. Frog DVD?

Recently I'd been wondering what had happened to the US release of the Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso) anime. ADV announced they'd acquired the rights to the series over a year ago but then there was no news after that. Googling a bit, I turned up this forum where someone posted the following info:
Its still coming, but ADV Films are in the process of working out how best to release it.

At least, thats what ADV Films International head Hugh Davids said at the London MCM Expo today during the anime industry panel. This news applies to both the US and UK release obviously.
A little further down that thread, someone links to another forum where someone spotted the Sgt. Frog DVD listed in the November Previews for a January 2008 release:
NOV07 4721 SERGEANT FROG VOL 1 DVD (Net) (RES) (C: 0-1-3) SRP: $39.99 = $
And then even further down the TZ thread, someone reports that the English-language trailer is up on YouTube:

Of course, no info is to be found on ADV's own site, and it's not listed on Amazon, so who knows if it'll really come out in January or not. Until then, I guess I can just continue to watch clips of the fansubbed Japanese episodes on YouTube...

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