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Thursday, January 17, 2008
It Was A Gift -- I Swear!

Now that David Welsh has declared this "Jakala Family week" (kind of like "Batman Family," only with less brooding and punching), I needed to come up with a way to include our final family member, six-month-old Will. Then I remembered that Will's own "origin story" indirectly involved comics! While were still staying in the hospital after Will's birth, some friends came to visit and they brought gifts for everyone. Knowing that I read comics, they of course got me a comic-related item -- the recent retro Spider-Man pop-up book. So if not for Will, I would never have received the geekiest gift I own! (For Christmas, My parents gave the same book to my daughter, not realizing I already owned it. So now we have two copies of this fun pop-art pop-up book to enjoy! (Perhaps my parents, remembering how anal I used to be about my comics, were really giving me a second copy to keep "mint."))

"It's nice, Dad, but don't you have any manga?"

The pop-up effects in the book are really well-done.
Here's one of my favorites, a 3D recreation
of one of my favorite Ditko splash scenes.

Kraven Fact File: Kraven really hates filing cabinets,
and will charge at them like an enraged bull if he sees them!

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