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Monday, March 03, 2008
Misa-Reading Death Note

[SPOILER WARNING! The second part of this post discusses elements from the ending of Death Note...and beyond!]

First question: Is Death Note 13: How To Read worth buying? After being disappointed in the series' ending, I wasn't planning on getting this, but I saw it in Barnes & Noble the other day and became curious. I flipped through it and it looks like it's mainly a sourcebook for the series, which I don't really care about, but there are some four-panel strips and a short manga at the end of the book which looked like they could be good. Are these alone worth the $15 price tag or should I just wait for it to show up in my local library?

Second question: While searching for reviews of volume 13, I ran across some info that surprised and confused me [SPOILERS! I mean it!!]: Misa committed suicide? So does that mean that wasn't Misa on the final page of book 12 [see scan below]? When I read the book, I assumed that was Misa, a little older, perhaps a little wiser. If it's not Misa, then who the heck is it? Is it supposed to be a character we'd recognize? I read one forum where they said it was just supposed to be some random cultist. If so, then this makes the ending of Death Note even worse than I previously thought it was. If that were Misa at the end, at least it would provide some sort of closure for the character (as well as a tease for possible sequels). And from the way the ending is presented, having it be some random woman is odd, since the reveal of who it is under the cloak leading this group of Kira worshippers is built up in a dramatic way. Plus, it looked like the woman had the Shinigami eyes:

On second thought, I think my rambling about question #2 answered question #1 for me. Pass!

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