Sporadic Sequential
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
And By 'Soon' ADV Means 'Some Time Before 2012'

A couple weeks ago I got a new Tokyopop Manga Magazine in the mail and was excited to see this ad on the back cover:

And then I noticed that the magazine was dated "Summer 2007" and my excitement diminished. As Johanna noted, the magazine came out really, really late and its contents are really, really old. Meanwhile, still no official word about when the Sgt. Frog DVD will be coming out. There's absolutely nothing on ADV's site, and the SgtFrogTV.com site promoted in the ad currently is just to sign up for email notifications. (I signed up and still haven't received any emails, not even to acknowledge the fact that I signed up.) In the meantime, I'll pass the time by watching free episodes of other anime series on Amazon Unbox.

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