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Friday, May 16, 2008
How Can I Not Buy This Series If It's Not Being Published?

Does anyone know the status of Dark Horse's manhwa series XS Hybrid?* According to Baka-Updates, the series runs five volumes, but so far Dark Horse has only released three:
  • XS Hybrid Volume 1 - 06/2007
  • XS Angel Virus Volume 2 - 09/2007
  • XS Guardian Volume 3 - 12/2007
So it looks like initially Dark Horse was releasing the series on a quarterly basis but then it suddenly stopped. There are no additional volumes listed on Dark Horse's site, and I couldn't find any news about the series one way or another. Is this another DH series that's entered the limbo-like "on hiatus" status? (Katherine Dacey mentioned this earlier in the week as part of a general pattern of series seeming to disappear quietly from DH's schedule, but I'd completely forgotten that she'd already included XS Hybrid on that list. Since no one responded to the question of XS's status, I thought I'd mention it again here.)

* My interest in this question is purely theoretical: After reading the first volume last night, I have no interest in continuing with the series myself. This is what I get for buying a book simply because the cover looked cool.

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