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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
The Joys of Pre-Ordering

Now that I've discovered the generous pre-order discounts at Tower.com, I've been pre-ordering most of my manga there. What's nice is that Tower doesn't wait until everything from the order is available in order to ship things: individual items ship as soon as they're in-stock. So it was a pleasant surprise yesterday to receive three separate emails letting me know that a bunch of manga I'd pre-ordered last month were all shipping that day. How nice to know that Kekkaishi 13, Parasyte 3, and Sgt. Frog 15 are all on their way to me! (It's also nice because the emails reminded me to pre-order the next round of upcoming manga before the discounts decrease.)

I've also been happy with Amazon's pre-order program, which I use for larger ticket items. For example, I just pre-ordered Viz's two collections of Kazuo Umezu's Cat Eyed Boy for $15.67 apiece thanks to Amazon's additional 5% discount on pre-orders. Plus, if the price goes down at all between now and when the book is released, I'll get the lowest price thanks to Amazon's pre-order price guarantee. (I've benefited from the pre-order price guarantee before, so I do trust that Amazon honors the guarantee even if I'm not always monitoring their prices.)

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