Sporadic Sequential
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Judy Drood and the Case of the Ghastly Gallery Ghouls

Noticed this when shopping at a local Creative Kidstuff over the weekend: Richard Sala has done the illustrations for a children's book called Gallery Ghost, where children are encouraged to learn about famous artists and their paintings through an investigative game. (The ghosts of famous artists come out at night and paint details of their works into other artists' paintings; children can use an included magnifying glass to search for the incongruous elements.)

Things get a little weird toward the end when all the ghosts turn into
vampires and Judy has to burn down the museum to survive.

It looked like a fun book, but I passed on it because I thought our daughter might not be ready for it yet. (It's listed for ages 7+ and she's just turning three in a couple weeks.) However, since I'm unable to find the book for a discount anywhere online, I may have to go back and snatch it up as a future gift. (I'm also curious to page through it and see if Peculia turns up at all.)

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