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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
An Unsurprising Announcement

Just a quick note to warn readers that with the arrival of honest-to-goodness springlike weather in Minneapolis, I'll likely be blogging even less frequently than usual for the foreseeable future. I know, I know, new content is already a rare thing here, but with the onset of temperatures above sixty degrees, I suddenly feel compelled to venture outdoors and commune with nature. With all the spring cleaning, yard work, and playing with the kids at the park that will be occupying my evenings, I'm not sure I'll have much time even to read comics much less blog about them.

That said, I always hate doing blogging-about-not-blogging posts like these, so here's a quick bit of comics content:

ITEM! I scanned the reports from NYCC and I honestly couldn't find anything in them that interested me. About the only thing that sounded mildly intriguing was news that the Stan Lee Ultimo manga "is appearing in a special edition of Jump SQ that also includes a pullout booklet of Japanese artists’ interpretations of Lee’s characters." If that means that Japanese manga-ka are going to be offering their takes on the classic Marvel Comics characters, (1) I'd really, really like to see that, so I hope when Ultimo is released here that's included as an extra; and (2) I totally claim credit for the whole idea. [OK, this wasn't new news, but "more Bleach, more Takehiko Inoue" still makes me happy, so I suppose there was something from NYCC that interested me.]

ITEM! Recent Reads That Rock: Nexus Archives 1, The Perry Fellowship Bible, Shortcomings. All great for their own reasons, but all great reminders of how diverse and vital the sequential art form can be. (Shortcomings alone is great for containing the highest ratio of cringe-inducing character moments ever put to panel.)

ITEM! So long, Dave, and thanks for all the laughs. (Can I claim the rights to "THE F*@% YEAH FILES"? I always thought that was a great feature.)

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