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Monday, April 14, 2008
Let's Hope Vol. 11 Cranks The Insanity Up To 11

Over the weekend, I caught up on a couple manga series I was behind on. One of them was The Drifting Classroom, a series I recently fell in love with after initially being less than impressed. I blazed through books 4 through 9 (my library hasn't ordered the last two volumes yet) and was planning on rating the books on a proposed Kazuo Umezu "Insane-O-Meter" system Matthew J. Brady and I came up with. But I was tired and decided to read more comics rather than do any blogging last night. Which was a good thing, because it turns out Connie over at Slightly Biased Manga went on a similar reading binge, covering books 5 through 11 in a single day and cataloging many of the insane plot elements I was going to list as support for my rankings. (She also covered volumes 2 through 4 a couple days earlier. Was it The Drifting Classroom Marathon Weekend and nobody told me?) So head on over to her site and find out the many reasons why you should be reading this wonderfully demented series.

[And just because I'd already listed out some of my favorite bits from vol. 9, here's my rating for that book:]
  • Mutant starfish!
  • Schoolyard knife fight!!
  • Boys bashing young girls' brains in with primitive stone axes!!!
  • Students performing an emergency appendectomy with no surgical tools or anesthetic!!!!
For these totally insane events and many more, The Drifting Classroom Volume 9 scores a 9 out of 10 Shocked Shos on the Kazuo Umezu Insane-O-Meter!!!!

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